Our Technology

Stewart Travel Management gives your company access to a range of online booking systems including KDS, Trainline and Stewart Analytix.


Atriis is one of the leading online corporate travel booking tools used globally and is designed to empower travel managers and travellers of medium to large sized corporate clients.

Atriis offers a sophisticated technology platform with proven customer success. Currently, there are over 3,000 corporate clients who rely on it to streamline processes, improve supplier and contract management and achieve on-going and sustainable reductions in travel spend.

User Interface Key Features:

  • Concise and visually-appealing block style layout
  • Streamlined functionality for enhanced usability
  • Corporate branding and messaging throughout the site
  • Prominently displayed pricing and schedules
  • Robust compliance tools including single sign-on
Atriis Screenshot

eLocate Traveller Tracking

eLocate is a highly useful tool for clients to manage travel bookings and corporate responsibility. Stewart Travel Management can instantly locate all travellers in a specific area and contact them by email or SMS Message Keeping travellers and travel bookers up to date on world events and travel emergencies.

eLocate Screenshot

Stewart Analytix

Stewart Travel Management have invested in market leading technology and can provide our clients with access to a web-based on-line reporting provider. Stewart Analytix, with simple point-and-click navigation, enables you to make insightful decisions and draw meaningful conclusions about your travel needs through a comprehensive view of your bookings and interactive reporting. The Stewart Analytix dashboard system can provide you access to post-trip travel data on demand.

Point of Sale Fares

Stewart Travel have invested in a Global air ticketing platform that offers the lowest airfares on over 900 airlines across more than 51 countries. The system has the most trusted and reliable wholesaler network across the globe, making it the single largest consolidator of fares worldwide. It permits us to ticket from within the country of origin, which opens up fares and flights that are only available within that market. On average we are saving customers 6.69% per month against even the lowest wholesale tickets available in the UK.